Super Smokers BBQ Gets Social

Written by Pat Imig

Super Smokers BBQ in Eureka, Missouri is the original, Memphis-style barbecue in the metro St. Louis area.

It blazed a trail for an area that is now home to some of the best barbecue establishments in the world.

Over time, the influx of great, new, local barbecue caused Super Smokers BBQ to get lost in the shuffle.

Eventually, ownership changed and new Super Smokers maestro Jeff Fitter (formerly a pit cook on the original Super Smokers team) restored the quality of food worthy of world champion status.

However, in the midst of a local barbecue boom, the Super Smokers brand needed to remind everyone of its award-winning experience.

“In the restaurant industry today, it’s not only the great food and the great product that you turn out, but it’s also your presence on social media,” says Super Smokers owner Jeff Fitter.

“It’s your ability to speak directly to those who make their decisions from social media.”

Fitter hired Imig Communications to drive Super Smokers business through social marketing in late summer, 2018.

By the third full month working together, Super Smokers BBQ had a record month.

“The pricelessness and great value that Imig Communications brings is that all I have to do is have Pat come in and shoot videos, take pictures and edit them,” Fitter says.

“And the great thing about it is, Pat sets the strategy, we discuss it and then he executes it. I don’t have to think about it!”

In 2019, the first full year of Imig Communications working with Super Smokers, the legacy restaurant had an all-time record year, a period covering 23 years.

“The results are phenomenal. We did a video this evening and about eight minutes after posting it, our phone started ringing and people started ordering the product. You can’t ask for better results than that.”

As Super Smokers re-established and re-solidified its brand, the ability to connect with existing customers and speak directly to new guests through social media led to more growth.

In June 2021, in the twilight of a pandemic, Super Smokers BBQ opened a second location in Affton, Missouri – 12 miles west of downtown St. Louis. 

Super Smokers BBQ & Cajun in Affton serves the world champion bbq fans have come to know and love with a menu of authentic, Louisiana Cajun – influenced by a 10x World Gumbo Festival Champion.

“If you’re thinking about bringing in Imig Communications to help you with your social media presence, think about this: how great would it be if all you had to do was sit down, plan out a week or a month with Pat and then watch it get executed,” Fitter says.

“That’s the perfect part for me.”

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