Instagram is one of the most cost effective ways to build attention in relevant niches and local markets at once. While the platfrom recently gained attention when it launched Threadz to rival Twitter, adoption of Tiktok’s vertical video format posts on Instagram called “Reels” is a tremendous improvement for those searching for brand visibility no matter the target. Instagram is a basic necessity yet with the right understanding and influence can also be an extraordinary place to assist growing your eatery’s fame.

In this article, we dive into the best restaurant marketing tips post 2020 that are a crucial to understand for growing and connecting with audiences. These strategies do more than help you get visible and up to speed in terms of your profile, they guide your efforts and suggest to users you already expect them to be a long term follower and visit when they are in the area.

1. Focus on Story Telling Rather Than Promoting

While options and promotions are always good to promote in some way, you may be surprised how much further passion and authenticity can get you at the very start. Not only this but there is a big difference between telling someone to buy something in a post and having an expert teach them why a certain kind of dish or meal is great. 5-star customers want to be fed by those who have a passion for food, get these kinds of clips and run some local promotions.

2. Don’t Just Post Food, Post An Experience Someone Can Share

We love to cover this with customers from the start, great customers resell things they love to others and the better your profile does this the faster you grow. Having a killer but brief profile bio, utilizing stories, posting videos and reels, and interacting with other followers who posted you are what matters from the start. All things considered, posting food especially without context or a story is lazy and while anyone can do it results vary.

3. Collaborate Internally

You can decide to team up with locally renowned food bloggers but having a basic instinct for including everyone in your community is essential. Internal collaboration dialogue or meetings should always be in place to help you support promotions and create special entertaining content. This kind of collaboration will also assist you with drawing in the neighborhood crowd as your staff or team can reshare on their own profiles.

4. Get Help From Customers

Get testimonials from your best customers and post them. While photos can always suffice you should always try to do a short interview video with your phone in the moment. You can just set up your phone or ask if they will tell you how great you are on the spot and they typically will if they are a regular. Do this every season and tag the customers profile in the post. It’s that simple.

5. Videos Of The Owner Talking, Eating, Cooking, ect.

Restaurants have an unfair advantage when they include ownership, it’s that simple. If you are trying a new place you usually want to get a feel for how authentic the place is or the vibe the the owner introducing their place does just that. While it can be hard as a marketing manager to get their attention as their time is absolutely valuable, having them introduce high priority announcements like catering and local events can be a great way to start as it can directly impact sales outcomes. 

There different kinds of promotions that you can run on Instagram, for those who are trying to keep their following engaged and growing we always suggest authentic and simple Video Ads.