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Written by Pat Imig

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Does your website live and die through its traffic sources? Have you ever needed help with SEO? Maybe you’re trying to build a brand across the entire internet but have no idea how to properly structure your pages or data. Perhaps you’re curious about how a creative content agency can help your company and your bottom line in. If so, then we have good news for you: We are a creative content agency with the technical chops to move the needle in the right direction. 

Aerolidz (AeroX Industries) sells light bars, light bar covers and noise silencers & light bar insert designs for Jeeps, Trucks and off-road vehicles. 


Like all successful companies, Aerolidz was looking to get the most out of its marketing & e-commerce.  

But like too many companies, Aerolidz was throwing money at marketing & web companies without knowing if they were getting optimal results. 

Aerolidz also needed consistently great social & web content for its audience and community that appreciates high-quality creative. 

Lack of performance consistency and a lack of consistent communication caused Aerolidz to turn to Imig Communications for its social and web marketing needs.  


In early November 2021, Aerolidz hired Imig Communications to execute our Enterprise Solutions package. Not only were we providing consistent social marketing content & strategic campaigns, we’re optimizing their website and Google presence. 

Immediately, the quality of content & messaging improved and the Aerolidz website was audited and found to be the owner of hundreds of broken links that were hindering its ability to grow organically.  

So what does “quality content & messaging” and increased, organic web visibility mean for a company’s bottom line? 

In the case of Aerolidz, it meant a 30% increase in Thanksgiving & Black Friday weekend sales in 2021 compared to 2020.   


The numbers look like this: 

  • 2021 – $13,500.00 in sales 
  • 2022 – $17,500.00 in sales 
  • Mobile traffic up 45% 
  • Sales from Facebook up 27% 
  • Sales from Instagram up 31% 


Imig Communications helped Aerolidz generate $11,240.32 more in sales during the same holiday period of 2021 compared to the exact same period in 2020, Nov 8 – Dec 31 (*Nov 8 2021 was the first day Imig Communications took over marketing operations for Aerolidz) 

Nov 8 –  Dec 31 2021 | $20,303.52 in sales    VS     Nov 8 – Dec 31 2020 | $9,063.20 in sales 

That’s a 124% Increase in Sales utilizing the exact same SMS marketing service! 

After a robust Black Friday & Thanksgiving weekend of sales, Aerolidz enjoyed a Christmas season so stupendous the company ran out of its number one selling product, the 52” Light Bar Clear Cover. This wasn’t a supply chain casualty; it was simply robust sales. 

All told, Aerolidz sales improved for the Christmas & Holiday season (Dec 15-Jan 1) year over year 2021 vs 2020 by 33%.  



During the first seven weeks of 2022, the Aerolidz web site increased its organic traffic by 18 percent. According to Shopify data, sales from organic Google search are up 12% through the first six weeks of 2022 compared to 2021. 
That’s a 12% increase in new customers who can become repeat customers as they purchase new Light Bar Insert Designs. 

“We’ve always turned to Pat & Imig Communications for great content that proves profitable at our Jeep shows and live events,” said Aerolidz owner and inventor Gabe Warner.  
“As time went on, we realized we needed that quality across the digital board and we couldn’t be happier. If you want content that is fun and fresh and want to get the most out of your website and overall digital customer experience, you need to work with Pat & Imig Communications.” 

Aerolidz recommends Imig Communications for Social, Web & E-Commerce Solutions.  Visit their site here!

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